Here are some amazing resources to use as you ignite your leadership.  These resources are recommended by interviewed leaders.  You can read more about their thoughts in the open eTextbook.

Curated Lists

This resource is a Google Sheet with a curated list of leaders to follow on twitter, blogs to follow, digital tools, and edtech organizations.

ADKAR: Change Management Model

Change management is a critical consideration for any initiative.  Here is an article that summarizes the ADKAR model clearly and concisely.


Project RED: The Research

Project RED conducts “the first and only national study of education technology to focus on student achievement and financial implications”.  Its findings provide insights and recommendations for education leaders.  There are supports and recommendations for educational leaders at every level, from superintendents, to curriculum developers, to principals and more.

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The book is available on Amazon

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

ISTE is a valuable resource for educators. ISTE is a framework that scaffolds the integration of technology with the core curriculum in educational settings. One of the unique features of ISTE is that its framework provides specific standards for students, teachers, coaches, and administrators. Each standard is tailored to meet the specific needs of the group of learners that they are targeting, which allows each member of the school community to keep learning and to master new skills in order to become lifelong learners.

Furthermore, ISTE is a crucial and flexible resource available for educators that connects them with experts and peers to build their knowledge and skills surrounding the effective implementation of technology in classroom settings. ISTE also provide multiple professional development opportunities to educators to keep their skills updated with a world in constant change. Remarkably, virtual coaching is available to the members of the ISTE community.


With digiCOACH, coaches and administrators coach teachers during their classroom visits. digiCOACH guides educators through the walkthrough process and focuses on high-yield strategies that are research-based, observable, and coachable. digiCOACH is the only walkthrough tool to include hundreds of prewritten, research based, commendations and coaching tips available for use in our built-in teacher feedback email features. these embedded researched-based instructional strategies inform teachers and offer suggestions for ways in which their instruction can be improved.

All of the collected data is then made available in digiCOACH’s powerful suite of reports to identify trends across your site or district. digiCOACH reports help inform professional development decisions at he site and district level. Site level observational and coaching data provides live data for discussion in professional learning communities, growing collective teacher efficacy.